Friday , July 30 2021

Carlos Rivera will forget Cynthia Rodrguez to flirt with Laura Pausini

Mexico City.- The famous singer, Carlos Rivera, became very popular, because in addition to being someone talented, he is also considered a valued Galn for his physique and good looks.

This artist is currently in a relationship with the host of Come the joy, Cynthia RodrguezHowever, he surprised more than one, after Rivera became very flirt with another person, on television Espaa.

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Well, the singer was like the special guest (support coach) of Laura pausini inside The Spanish voiceDuring the appearance of the famous Mexican, the host of the program did not hesitate to praise him.

After that, Laura joked that they have a soap opera called ‘Pasin de Coaches’, so Carlos quickly went to her and sang Huasteca Serenade, leaving more than one with their mouths open.

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When it’s about social networks, thousands of Internet users question whether Carlos Rivera is being unfaithful a Cynthia.

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