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The last adaptation of the anime, Captain Tsubasa, is nearing its end. The new television proposal debuted in April 2018, reminding fans of incredible moments on the football field.

Captain Tsubasa Chapter 51 was recently released, demonstrating the sacrifice that Oliver Atom He had to introduce himself to lead his team to victory.

The chapter shows us the beginning of extra time in the game and Tsubasa begins to face rivals with ease, much to the surprise of his doctor. The tension scene is shown with the shock that the player has with Steve Hyuga.

After executing the tiger's shot, Hyuga performs a tiger scan, but this fall falls on Ishizaki that gives Tsubasa an air pass, which he ends toward the goal of the Wakashimazu and Mark 4-3.

Hyuga and the "Tiger Shot"

But it is not all happiness in Captain Tsubasa. Despite the joy of this goal on the part of the Nankatsu, Oliver Atom Faint and have to be transferred to the doctor's office for care. Despite the doctor's insistence, he decides to return to the camp.

Nankatsu, who has one less player, continues to put up with Toho's pressure at least in the first half of the overtime. While Sanae asks Tsubasa to return to play.

Already on the court, the strong mark and the kicks begin to appear. One of the passes comes to him Tsubasa who runs towards the arch of Wakashimazu, but being marked decides to play with his teammates. The final shot is captured without problems by goalkeeper Toho.

In the second extra time Tsubasa goes to the defense, then Hyuga he performs the "tiger shot", which is deflected by the captain of the Nankatsu falling on the wood. Kojiro tries again and the defense stops him.

Despite that, Toho returns to his attack and the first dangerous shot is deflected by Morisaki, who leaves the ball at the mercy of Sawada. He shoots and intercepts the shot with his head and thus prevents another Toho entry from coming.

Captain Tsubasa 50: After the final match, fans wonder: Toho won or Nakatsu?

The last chapter of Captain Tsubasa showed us the great final between the teams of the Nankatsu and Toho, but the match is still tied and it's time to set a winner. If you want to read the full story, type here.

Anime and manga

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This week's chapter corresponds to the 903 manga, where the new reward of the pirate is known Monkey d Luffy through the newspaper. In this he says that he faced Yonkou Big Mom, has under his command 5,000 allies and ended up triumphing Whole Cake Island.

Many believed that Toei Animation I would animate this episode in an epic way, however, they ended up being cheated. On social networks you can see all sorts of complaints, from "what a disappointment", "the last two minutes are the ones that matter" to "the same filling as always".


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