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  • Stresses the importance of applying the vaccine before leaving on trips to areas where there are cases of this disease

Although in Mexico there have been no indigenous cases of measles since 1995, As a result of its high vaccination coverage, the Ministry of Health has issued a series of recommendations for people traveling or returning from countries that have had outbreaks of this disease, such as Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and the Bahamas , as well as Romania, Italy, Poland, France and Austria.

Among the measures that must be carried out is the revision of the national health book of each person who will travel, to check if he has received the vaccine against this disease and, if he does not have it, to apply to the health system in which he is entitled . , said the deputy director of Epidemiology of the state institution, Alejo Méndez Hernández.

If you need to provide this immunization, this must be done at least 14 days before travel, but it is also important that during your stay or transit in countries with measles epidemic, people should wash their hands frequently, avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth and cover with a tissue or the angle of the arm when sneezing or coughing, he said.

Méndez Hernández explained that the vaccination scheme in Mexico includes two safe and free vaccines against measles, which are both viral and triple viral. The latter two are foreseen, one at 12 months of age or before six years of age and one at six years of age or when entering primary school.

The official explained that measles is characterized by fever, rash on the face and neck that spreads throughout the body, redness of the eyes, nasal congestion, cough, small spots inside the mouth, which are transmitted by direct contact with droplets . coming from the nose, mouth or throat of an infected person. Its complications can cause irreversible neurological damage and even lead to fatal consequences. If there is any doubt, people can contact the Epidemiological and Health Intelligence Unit that has the phone 01 (800) 00 44 800.SSA_VACUNA SARAMPIÓN.jpg

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