Saturday , October 16 2021

By 2020 you can become a space tourist and that's what it's going to cost

One of the wishes many people have during childhood is to become an astronaut, although that desire is diminishing over time, and very few people ever do it.

However, NASA is about to recover that dream for many people, after a few days ago announced that it will open the International Space Station (ISS) for new business opportunities, allowing tourists and businesses to reach it.

In this regard, the deputy director of the space station, Robyn Gatens, mentioned that two short missions per year will be allowed, and a total of twelve private astronauts will be able to travel.

This ad expands the possibilities of some people experiencing an adventure as space tourists, although becoming a does not become cheap, since a night on the ISS would cost about $ 35,000.

According to the announcement of the NASAEach private astronaut can spend up to 30 days and nights at the International Space Station with all services, ie stay in orbit, food, water and the entire onboard life support system.

That is, if you want to contemplate the planet Earth of space for a whole month, you should save just over a million dollars to realize that dream.

And despite being an incredible amount, it does not compare to the $ 20 million paid in 2001 by the US government. Dennis Tito, considered the first space tourist in history.

Jeff DeWitt, the financial director of NASA, said that the inauguration of the station aims to create commercial opportunities that will help in the financing of future exploration projects, such as the return to the moon or the first human space voyage to Mars.

It should be noted that ISS is not unique to NASA as it is a joint project initiated with Russia in 1998 and other countries, all sending astronauts, although the United States owns and controls most of the modules.

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