Sunday , October 17 2021

Bullfighting in Lerdo, El Siglo de Torreón

Patches and metals will sound this afternoon at the "Alberto Balderas" bullring in Ciudad Lerdo, where at 17 hours there will be an international and historical bullfight, when the murderers Rocío Moreli and Paola San Román will appear.

It is a historical bullfight in the Comarca Lagunera, since the 1980s, there is no bullfighting festival with exclusively women, so the participants this afternoon will have the opportunity to witness an event unprecedented in Lerden square, since that unique antecedent, was celebrated in the Bullring of Torreon. The specimens that will be fought this afternoon are from the cattle ranch of Cerro Viejo, established in Jalisco and come with an average of 480 kilos.


Before his presentation at Lerdense Square, bullfighter Rocío Moreli, born in Bogotá, Colombia, visited yesterday the facilities of El Siglo de Torreón, where he shared his experience in bullfighting. "At this moment, Lerdo is a very important place in Mexico, I'm very excited to do the paseíllo with Paola, that I already know and I played together in Mexico, but it will be my first time here in La Laguna," he said.

Influenced by her family, full of bullfights, Rocío started on the way to the bull and is only the second Colombian woman who can take the alternative, so she remembers fondly of Mexico, being the country that paved the way for her in bullfights: I started my bullfighting career when I was 14 here in Mexico at school in Guadalajara, so I was fighting some more bullfighting here, I went to Colombia to debut with picadors in Cali and made my debut at Plaza México in 2016 and since then I was in Spain, although I took the alternative in my country, "said the 25-year-old.

Instructed by Manolo Arruza in Guadalajara, as well as by Israel Ancho and Víctor Méndez in Spain, Rocío learned how to channel adrenaline and concentrate on the arena, taking advantage of every moment of his profession: "I love being in front of the bull, you feel great satisfaction. I am very comfortable and I am fascinated to transmit this to the people, at eleven I stopped for the first time in front of a calf and at the age of 16 I made the decision to dedicate myself to the world of the bull, "said Moreli.

Dividing his time between Mexico and Spain, Rocío strives to get more dates in the ring, knowing that his quality is the key to opening more doors in important places: "My short-term plans is to fight as much as possible and my big O The closest dream is to confirm in my square, which is Santa María de Bogotá, which is my great dream Taurino. My Mexico I go to Peru, then to Spain, always trying to give my best, "he said.

As a message to the fans of the Laguna, Moreli left: "they will be very pleased to see two women, we are not bad, they will have a good afternoon of bulls and I hope to greet all the fans", concluded the South American.



Rocio Moreli was old enough when he decided to move to Mexico to become a bullfighter.

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