BMW 3 Series 2019: Prices, versions and equipment


After many months of waiting, the BMW 3 Series 2019 you already are for sale in Mexico, the units that will be marketed from now on come from Germany, however, as of June, the units that are sold will already be those that have the Made in Mexico seal, specifically those that are produced in the new company in San Luis Potosí.

The following versions are available for our country: BMW 330iA Sport Line, BMW 330iA Sport Line Plus, BMW 330iA M Sport and BMW 330iA M Sport Plus, all with the same engine 2.0 liter 4-cylinderwith 258 horsepower, 295 pound-feet of torque, a transmission 8 automatic sports speeds with the launch control function and rear wheel drive.

Innovation inside and out

The new sedan shows a challenging image, has well-designed lines throughout the body and this reflects an interesting front where it stands out a double grid in the form of kidney, an emblematic detail of the company, and LED lights this perfectly complements all the outer garments.

The optical game, besides the LEDs, integrates Adaptive lights with BMW Laserlight technology that allows a bundle of dim lights for the rest of the drivers and a reach of almost 530 meters.

3 series sedan

Inside we find a sports design with a very good quality appearance. The visual menu offered in the center is highly technological; BMW Live Cockpit Professional consists of screens that are designed in a consistent and customizable way: 12.3-inch fully digital instrument cluster is 10.2-inch center display.

Some details that stand out in relation to the previous generation are the power button that is now located on the center console, where we also find the gear lever, the driving modes and the parking brake.

Depending on the version, Printed materials vary, from Vernasca leather clothing, Merino leather to a Sensatec instrument panel and a BMW Individual leather-clad instrument panel. Some details of ambient lighting and a Harman Kardon Sound complements the interior, regardless of interior customization.

3 series sedan

As for the technology system, the new Series 3 sedan has an intuitive operation that allows the driver to choose between the touch screen control, the iDrive controller and the steering wheel buttons, all with the Function of gesture control of BMW and voice control.

In addition, it includes BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, an intelligent character
and digital responds to the warning "Hi BMW", whose greeting can be customized and presented for the first time in this template. The idea of ​​having an assistant can bring numerous benefits, improve productivity, entertainment and define a more efficient management.

Path to autonomous driving

With this vehicle, BMW shows us the work it has done to be able to integrate autonomous models at your fingertips. The Series 3 sedan has a number of systems that contribute to better handling at all times.

O The Driving Assistant includes the track start warning, the warning of change of track, collision warning with the city brake function (for pedestrians and cyclists), subsequent collision prevention, as well as cross-traffic alert.

3 series sedan

O Professional Driving Assistant with his assistant director and track control, he works together with the driver to help keep the vehicle on track; includes runway maintenance assistant with active side collision protection and evasion assistance. The system Park Distance Control and the rear view camera that helps the driver to maneuver and enter / exit parking spaces; O Parking attendant, which assumes the changes of direction, acceleration, braking and change of gear with the Steptronic transmission when entering and leaving a space and Reverse Assistant, which can drive the vehicle in reverse for distances of up to 50 meters, guiding it along the same line it took to move forward.

Optimized dynamism

The structure of the body and the technology of the chassis of this new vehicle meet all the requirements of the driver, like agile handling, steering and superior braking; also It has low center of gravity and distribution of weight 50:50.

The M Sport series suspension and suspension as optional equipment includes the lift-mounted shock absorbers, which were first placed in this vehicle.

3 series sedan

The variable control allows you to adjust the damper firmness progressively according to changes in the spring stroke, which reduces body movement to dissipate vibrations caused by holes or dynamic curves.

The prices are already ready and start for the version BMW 330iA Sport Line for $ 799,900, followed by the version BMW 330iA Sport Line Plus for US $ 869,900; BMW 330iA M Sport for US $ 854,900 and BMW 330iA M Sport Plus for US $ 914,900.


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