Blackberry Messenger, who at some point was the king of instant messaging on mobile devices, but fulminated in record time by the dizzying adoption of WhatsApp on smartphones will definitely cease to work on May 31. A business version will continue to exist, but will be paid for.

Emtek -The company that acquired the rights of BBM in 2016- through a press release, announced that it will stop supporting the instant messaging service. They explain that the interest of users has decreased so much that it does not make sense to continue to maintain it.

"The technology industry is very fluid and despite our great efforts, users have moved to other platforms, although it has been almost impossible to attract new people, it's hard to say goodbye, but it's time to end BBM's support and find new ones. . "

A version of the business service called BBMe will continue to work, although it is paid: $ 2.50 every six months, although there are solutions for small and large teams that are much more appropriate for the current times, such as Day off.

Definitely the end of an era and yet another proof of how technology adoption can change from one moment to another and how companies felt untouchable, as was the case BlackBerryin fact they are not, no matter how powerful they become.