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Valverde, on the bank of La Céramica. In video, his appearance on Friday.

Barcelona remain eight points ahead of Atletico, invited on Saturday at the Nou Camp (20.45 / Movistar Partidazo) to challenge LaLiga. "I do not know how they are going to play us, but we should predict everything." They make high pressure very well, but they have a hard time keeping it all the way. avoid it because, deceptively, they do see that they let themselves dominate to come out against. They have room to do both and I imagine we will see both, "said coach Ernesto Valverde, who never tired of repeating that nothing has yet been won despite choosing the third trio in its history. Although he added, "Every team has a marked style and I imagine we will be faithful to what we normally do, but changes can occur and depending on how the game is, it is likely because the three points are very important to both." So much so that they can set the championship or reopen it completely.

"There are people who usually pronounce LaLiga in February … But it is not. While mathematics does not say otherwise, we must continue," said Valverde. So he has no intention of keeping any player despite the fact that the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Manchester United is just around the corner. "This will not condition me at all – this game is very important and we give it to you, even if another fundamental game comes later." The best way to prepare for this meeting is to compete in that, "he said. Although he will miss Arturo Vidal, who saw Villarreal against the fifth yellow card and accumulates sanction. "Athletic demands a lot, there will be a fight and not being able to count on Arturo Vidal is a disadvantage". Nor will he be able to put Dembélé – "he will not be safe for this match and we do not know if he will be on Wednesday, but we are not in favor of risking that he can cause us a bigger problem," he added – and can hardly get out Umtiti of the game, who shouted the beautiful before Villarreal. "He has been standing for a long time and has to come back little by little. But carry all the arsenal of a player who came in at a certain moment … The other day they suffered all the defenses, but I see it as something global and not individual, "he argued.

Despite the problems that the team had in La Cerámica, Barca managed to recover in time and equalize the confrontation with two goals in the horn. "It's happening to us enough to get down on the board and turn around. It happened to us in front of Lightning, someone sees at home … We are a team that we rebel very well in the face of difficult situations. prize, "Valverde said proudly.

Less Griezmann and more Barca

After Griezmann refused last year to sign for Barcelona, ​​a decision he expressed in a documentary in Barcelona, ​​is sizzled that there will be a good fight for the player. "What I want is for people to look at us, not rivals, to be with us. I do not like it when they whistle for my players," Valverde argued. And, with his good sense, he also did not want to evaluate the recent survey of the Sports World, where more than 60% of voters refused to stay in the bank. "I do not look at the polls, neither in sports nor in politics, just in case, I'm happy here and I think people respect me, I just won a league."

On the other hand, when he was asked about the episode of racism suffered by Kean (Juventus) at Cagliari stadium, he stated bluntly: "It's a matter of general education that takes place here and abroad. in the field and have the right to talk to you, the referee, the player … Racism is already extreme, which is incredible in the time we live in. It seems like we are all a bit lenient or we have been and will be that put some brake. "

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