#ArmandoVegaGil has become a global trend


After knowing the suicide of the musician, writer and founder of the rock group in his language Botellita de Jerez, Armando Vega Gil, for a report of sexual harassment against a minor, social networks resumed the subject, keeping it as a trend in the during the last hours of this Monday, April 1st.

According to an analysis, it was possible to detect that the news is in the first place of the national digital conversation and the tenth in the world. With more than 3.5 million interactions, 18 thousand reactions, 6.7 thousand comments, 26.7 thousand times shared and a total of 3.5 million views.

The same study reveals that 33% of the audience regrets that in the age of social networks a person is tried without giving him the opportunity to prove his innocence, although in contrast 21% consider that the suicide of the artist confirms his guilt. 16% see this as a threat to feminist achievements, so they urge them not to shut up and continue to report. 13% of the comments can be classified as neutral because people do not judge for or against either side and only express their shock at events. The remaining 17% are those who believe that there are women in harassment cases with 10% and 7% complain that a woman has received credibility because of her sex in the face of such a delicate complaint.

The hashtag #MeTooMusicosMexicanos had average reach, generating 7.5 million range and 1.5 million interactions. The conversation that was generated around this label was dominated by 47% of the opinions of suspicion before the momentary closure of Twitter account @metoomusicamx of which the complaint came against the Mexican musician. 34% asked for "karma" to pay the women they reported and who caused the suicide, while 19% said they should not believe a woman's complaint simply because she is a woman.

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