Android Q: What do you know about the next update of Google's operating system?


As the release date of the new update of the Android operating system is coming up, details on what this new edition will be, known as Android Q in the absence of a definitive name. The XDA Developers portal provided what is known so far about the update developed by Google.

This developer community of & # 39; software & # 39; for mobile devices has posted a 12 minute video which shows the news of the Android Q preview installed on the Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

Main changes

Noting that if it is a preliminary version, there may still be many changes, the experts point out some minor changes in the interface. One is that they rise to the top of the screen Always on icons, which show important information such as the clock and notifications on a sleeping cell phone. In addition, notifications can be deleted by moving your finger to the right and the icons in the setup menu also change.

Among the most prominent changes in the current version of Android Q is a completely new approach to enabling. This includes the ability to limit the access of one or other application to a specific location while it is being used.

Besides that, the dark mode may always be active, at predetermined times, or off for the entire system. This affects all screens, including setup screens, as well as all applications.

Release date of

If Google looks at your previous calendars, you need to wait for the beta for developers be ready in March, and that in May is the public beta.

As for the final version of Android Q, Google usually introduces the major Android updates in the second half of the year. The last three they came to light in Augustand the previous ones usually did this in October.


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