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AMLO compadre company withdraws from the tender to provide textbook paper

The company of compadre of President Andres Manuel López Obrador, Miguel Rincon, announced its voluntary withdrawal from the tender for the sale of paper at the National Commission of Free Books.

Through a letter addressed to the public, the entrepreneur who owns Bio- PAPPEL S.A.B. of C.V. He stated that compensation will not be requested, despite the fact that he ensures that the international contest was legitimately won.

"The recent international tender for the sale of paper to the National Free Books Commission was legitimately and competitively won by our company," the letter said.

"To support the transparency view of the evidence of suspicion promoted by the President of the Republic, Bio-PAPPEL's Board of Directors informs that, on this occasion, it supports its request and withdraws from this competition without demanding compensation from the government. corresponds by law to an unjustified cancellation. "

It is ensured that the bidding process complied with the transparency practices and the legal, administrative and economic conditions established in the call, in accordance with the Law of Acquisitions of the Public Sector.

In addition, it was reported that the company has no conflict of interest to participate in future public tenders.

The statement said that sales to the federal government represent an average of two percent of Bio-PAPPEL's total sales.

This happens after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on April 26 that this contract would be canceled to avoid "compadrazgos and compadrio".

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