America vs. Toluca (1-1): Summary and purpose of the J15 match; Opening 2018


Azteca Stadion –

Still America the duty remained and jeopardized General management, they are guided by them Miguel Herrera reason the first equipment was classified as Liguilla del Apertura 2018, after one in court Azteca Stadium before Toluca.

The score was not very useful to the Eagles, who, though they did Big Party, but he left the door open Santos, Cruz Azul and Pumasto separate from the first place in the classification, where it maintains today 29 units.

the Red devils, which also came with the opportunity to get on top of that Day 15, they could not climb positions, on the contrary, the 5-6 Monterrey the Red sharks

The two minutes did not pass when the visitors were surprised by the local defense and were on the scoreboard, Alexis Vega The youth progress made use of the passage drawn by the American ex-US William Da Silva, and went between the two centers and set the exit to the right. Agustín Marchesín.

Three minutes later a America the second half from the center was saved by the right-wing band, which had a strange track and made Marche shot and hit one of the positions to return to the Argentine goalkeeper.

Toluca, thanks to Águila, started Toluca, pulled the ball back and found the tie for 34 minutes, thanks to Henry Martín's goal. it was the first time Roger Martínez 100 percent physically.

The supplement was played at an intense pace, with both teams looking for a rival goal. The devils did not give up the ball anymore, and in a few moments of the game they showed a slight surge in the Coapa In the 55th minute they saw their goal, again with a little Vega.

but the VAR She missed the cards, because three stockers were in the set forward.

The rest of the game was played from one side to the next, without the depth of the offense. A lot of interruptions for the irregularities and without so much emotion as it happened in the first half of the match.



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