Alert near the Earth of three large asteroids


Washington, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Three large asteroids, the largest of which are up to 30 meters wide, will approach our planet next Saturday, a statement from the US space agency warned today.

The celestial body, called 2018 VS1, between 13 and 28 meters wide, will reach about one million 391,585 kilometers (kilometers) away from Earth at the time of its closest approach, NASA says.

According to its trajectory, 16 minutes after the passage of 2018 VS1, another asteroid between 14-30 meters wide, called 2018 VR1, will transit to five million 66 thousand 418 km of Earth, the letter adds.

The other body, identified by the name of 2018 VX1, about 8 to 18 meters wide, will approach 380 thousand 160 km, slightly less than the average distance between Earth and Moon (384 thousand 400).

According to experts, of the more than 750,000 asteroids in our solar system, 1,800 have – in astronomical terms – orbits close to Earth, so the danger of impact is real.

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