Alejandro Fernández rages in concert for controversial video


Last week, a video of Alejandro Fernández was released in a seemingly inconvenient state and his nose was strangely touched, which has led to speculation about the singer's use of drugs. Now the Potrillo exploded against "who" leaked that short that became a controversial subject.

"You, always Guadalajara, have been my dignity, my faith, my land, my air, everything." "I am Jalisco, I am a Mexican bastard!" Fernandez mentioned, in a visibly annoying tone, those who watched a concert in Guadalajara, his birthplace. "I'm Mexico, do not suck! never mess with those gaps! "

The singer noticed that he never bothered so much. However, this public audiovisual caused the concern of his family and therefore he was forced to mention what happened.

"I've never said that strong, but I have to talk, and I have to say it, because in my life I have never had a girl, one of my daughters, told me how she was, to see if everything was fine, seen a video of the fucking that they sent; I do not know who it is, I do not know who the fuck is [lo dio a conocer]"He warned them." They get hurt when they send all those assholes. Do not suck! please raise awareness, everyone! Consciousness, nothing more! Already, please! "

Alejandro Fernandez suggested that what appears in social networks is not considered true because it is something unreal.

"Not all Instagram fart is created, not fucking. Everything is a fake, everything is malice, everything is a lie," he added. "You do not create all those gaps! I have nothing! Net! And it is my pride to say that I am a son of the people, fuck!

"And people who know me, I do not have to give any explanation." He concluded.


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