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Agents charged with harassment, threats and wage deduction


The crisis that continues the Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJ-CDMX) does not stop. The murder of two university students has put the dependence on capital Ernestina Godoy on the checkpoint, where violence registers an increase during the first months of this government.

This is aggravated by the "blaze" that the prosecution crosses within its ranks, while officials accuse overwork, overcrowding, threats and harassment by high-ranking officials of the local justice center.

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One of the areas where this happens is at the Specialized Domain Extinction Office, located in the bunker of the PGJ-CDMX, in the city of Cuauhtemoc.

Here the promoter Alma Delia Arriola Beltrán has increased, according to the agents, the day of work and keeps them under threat of discounts if they do not fulfill the 14 hours of work imposed on the workers.

The grounds are not justified, prosecutors claim, as they do not pay overtime to prolong working hours, and are subject to all types of insults by the owner of the area.

Subway He spoke to three agents in the Domain Extinction area – who asked to omit their names for fear of reprisal – who report verbal assaults and employee harassment.

They accuse the prosecutor of changing security schemes and strategies without any argument, also changed the area before the first disagreement and refuses to enter into dialogue with officials.

In addition, the complainants state that the pressure of work is so great that they had to go to the bunker rooms on Saturdays and Sundays, at the express request of Alma Delia, who does not justify the assistance.

"There are hours that are not used, there is no justification for attending the office and doing overtime for our day, not even the days when we work extra are paid," the workers revealed.

They make mutis

This newspaper requested the position of the prosecutor of the Department of Extinction of Dominion; However, the area of ​​social communication of the local justice unit did not respond until the end of this edition.

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A response was also requested directly from the department head, although they did not respond to the request either.

Not only do the complaints weigh on the public servant, but he also has three complaints before the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City, due to the ill-treatment of the directors in their dependence on capital.

  • "She is a promoter with a very aggressive attitude, we are mistreated and we threaten to change our area when we question it, it is very despotic, we all support shouts and humiliations against our person.The situation is unbearable"
  • "When she took the position Alma Delia made very drastic changes and has a very aggressive attitude, we were exposed to threats, she changed us from our position, she does not accept dialogues and explanations, we do not want privileges only that our work is respected"
  • "The prosecutor constantly humiliates us when we make a mistake, overcharges us and we are forced to go on weekends without extra payment. It requires requirements that do not go with our expertise."

Commission on Human Rights attracts case

  • Three complaints were filed against the prosecutor for acts of discrimination and violation of human rights.

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