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[Act.] Rumor: Details of leaked Pokémon and other strangers in Sword and Shield –

Update: We leave you with two more leaked Pokémon below.

Original news: Throughout today we have been able to hear some really interesting leaks from Pokémon Sword and Shield. If true, the information would be really appealing to fans.

First, we could meet some new Pokémon and on the other hand they also seem to have leaked the first details of the story. Now we have new details that complete this third round of leaks we received today.

As always, we leave the new details, which focus only on the new Pokémon and not in aspects of the story below the image. It should also be noted that there is a new snapshot of Sobble's final evolution and information about known Pokémon developments, and that you have the updated build of leaks we have received so far at this link.

These new details come from a message that was shared last Thursday before all this data began to be filtered out. This suggests that the shared details are correct. Among them, we found some strangers so far, so you might be interested. We leave below, but not before remembering that, for now, there is nothing official confirmed:

  • Sizzile, Sobble's intermediate evolution, has something in one eye, something that looks like hair. It is a Pokémon that looks a bit depressed and emo. Remember that this Pokémon was one of the first to filter.
  • Inteleon is the ultimate evolution of Sobble and is known as Secret Agent Pokémon. It is a very tall and thin Pokémon and hides many secrets. Below you have what appears to be his new art:


  • Scorbunny's third evolution, which appears to be called Cinderace, is a soccer player Pokémon that shoots fireballs. It's yellow, white and red and also something proud, something that sometimes makes it a little vulnerable. We remember the filtered image:

  • The third evolution is a gorilla named Rillaboom. Apparently use the magic of the roots to attack. This is the image that was previously filtered:

  • Gaow's Meowth is a Viking Pokémon that looks like Mankey without a pig nose and has an evolution that looks like a Viking hat made with dark brown hair that matches his controls and feet. We leave the previously filtered images:

  • There is a Pokémon that is an elephant. It seems to correspond to one of the leaks yesterday, which appears to be from President Rose:

  • There is also talk of a new Anaconda Pokémon. This seems to correspond to Silicobra and Sandaconda, Pokémon we could see in the leaks this morning. The second evolution measures 12 feet and throws sand instead of poison. It is Earth type and when it runs out of sand it becomes sad. We leave you with the images we received this morning:

  • There seems to be a new Bat Pokémon that has not been seen yet. Its name resembles that of Zubat, but it is not a regional form of this Pokémon, but a completely new species.
  • Zamazenta's attack is called the "Indomitable Shield" ("Impenetrable Shield", unofficial translation).
  • This filtering also talks about a possible new Zebra Pokémon, although they can't guarantee that it isn't Blitzle.
  • Yamper would evolve according to this rumor and in the game there would be another Pokémon Dog, apparently of the normal and adorable type. There are no images yet.
  • Snorlax would have a Gigamax shape and would be as large as an island, Raticate would also have a Gigamax shape that looks like Big Chungus. There are no images available either.
  • The evolution of Wooloo, Dubwool, has been demonstrated:

  • They also leaked more peculiar Pokémon, you have them available here.

What do you think of these details?


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