About to explode the chickenpox epidemic in Yucatán


On the verge of exploding an epidemic of Chicken in the Yucatan but it is controlled and prevented and it is that the cases of chickenpox that were registered this year in Yucatán exceed those of last year.

According to the latest epidemiology report of the Ministry of Health, in Yucatan until October 27 were confirmed 3 thousand 48 cases of chicken pox, of which thousand 653 are men and one thousand 395 are women.

On the verge of blowing up a chickenpox outbreak in Yucatan

In comparison to the 2017, the value is 27% higher for the registered in the same court in 2017 that was 2 thousand 385 cases.

Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. The incubation period is 11 to 21 years and this disease spreads faster with high temperatures.

If you have a cold picture with fever, general ill feeling, runny nose, sore throat and skin lesions, go to the doctor immediately.


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