Fortnite has become a phenomenon in recent times, reaching 250 million players on all platforms. Epic Games knows you have a gold mine in your hands and that you should take advantage of it, because sooner or later the bubble royal battle will have to burst.

One of the company's plans is evolve Fortnite to connect you to the video game part using the Unreal Engine. This was stated by Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, who said in an interview with Business Insider what mode Creative in Fortnite attracted more than 100 million players since it was released last December.

Mode Creative allows players to design their own Fortnite by means of objects. Unlike the Battle Royale, where they have to kill themselves to leave victorious, in the modality Creative, players build elements as a team.

For Sweeney, the company's goal is create a flow where people go from playing to creating in Fortniteand later develop on the Unreal Engine. The CEO of Epic Games sees the way Creative as a bridge to ease the transition, something that worked in other games like Minecraft.

& # 39; Fortnite & # 39 ;, as a metaverse

Epic Games also views Fortnite as a showcase for other in-game activitiessuch as Weezer's new album or DJ Marshmello's show, the latter managed to group 10 million players in a space of 10 minutes.

According to Tim Sweeney, the idea in the future would be to convert Fortnite in a metaverse. With the numbers you have in Creative mode, what comes to your mind comes to mind Second life and that today other companies like Veeso or the same Facebook try to capitalize.

a phenomenon similar to Fortnite happened in Minecraft, which opened the door for players to collaborate on building something instead of killing each other. Later this was emulated by a wave of games multiplayer on the PC.

The potential of use a game as a tool for developers It's something Microsoft has also taken advantage of. Technology uses Minecraft during The code time, teaching children to solve problems and think like programmers.

Epic is not only the creator of one of the most popular games, but also the most used graphics engine for video games in the industry. The transition from Fortnite doing it in the sturdy engine is something that could generate greater dividends in the future.