Sunday , October 24 2021

Xiaomi reveals $ 25 Mi Band 4 with AMOLED color display, 5ATM water resistance


Xiaomi is currently the second largest wearable manufacturer in the world, and it's all because of its budget efforts with its Mi Band series. The first Mi Band released five years ago, and Xiaomi is iterating the design and adding new features to every generation. The $ 30 Mi Band 3 is one of the best budget bands available today, and Xiaomi is building with Mi Band 4.

The key change with the Mi Band 4 is the display – the fitness band comes with a 120×240 AMOLED color screen, which is the first of this series. The screen is also significantly larger at 0.95 inches over the 0.78-inch Mi Band 3, and Xiaomi is offering 77 different themes to take full advantage of the screen.

Mi Band 4 also comes with a 6-axis accelerometer that automatically detects various forms of activity including cycling, exercise, running, swimming and walking. You get the same 50-meter water resistance as the Mi Band 3, making it the ideal fitness band for swimming. And Xiaomi is adding the ability to identify swimming traits – free-swimming, breast-swimming, backstroke, butterfly and mixed style – and is able to track your swimming activity in real time.

Xiaomi has maintained the heart rate sensor and Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 LE, and the band also has NFC. But like Mi Band 3, you're unlikely to get NFC out of China to make payments. The NFC version of the band also has a microphone that works with Xiaomi's virtual assistant, which is also another potentially locked feature for China. Like its predecessors, Xiaomi is announcing the 20-day battery life between charges for the Mi Band 4.

Mi Band 4 is available in six color options and, according to PhoneArena, Xiaomi is selling a Mi Band 4 Avengers Series Limited Edition that comes with custom bands and watch dials. The standard model is scheduled to go on sale in China for 169 RMB ($ 2), and the NFC-capable version will cost 229 RMB ($ 35). The Avengers variant of Mi Band 4 will be sold for RMB 349 ($ 50), and sales are expected to start on June 16.

Xiaomi will be eager to launch sales in the global markets and will let you know as soon as we have more details.

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