Windows can bring phone notifications to your PC – Tech News


With the latest version of Windows 10, Windows Insider software testers can receive notifications from their Android devices on their computers using the application Your phone.

On April 26, Microsoft announced that the desktop application Your Phone is gaining a new feature: Notifications.

The app was originally released last year and allowed users to send text messages and access photos from their smartphones via a PC. However, the company is experimenting with a new feature for the application called Notifications, which would allow users to receive phone notifications directly from their desktops.

The notifications are available in Windows Insider Build 18885 and allow testers to receive notifications of applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Uber in real time. In addition, you can customize which notifications are sent to the desktop. If you discard a notification from your PC, it will be discarded on your phone and vice versa.

As the feature is under test, some issues are already known: according to Microsoft, some notifications do not appear automatically, requiring users to access the refresh button to see them. Additionally, notification responses are not yet supported.

Notifications will be available for your phone app within the next two days. The feature works only with Android phones for now. – AFP Relaxnews


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