What do you think Samsung should be focusing on now?


Things are not going very well for our favorite Korean company. Samsung has worked on its foldable phone for years, just not to test it properly in the real world and have to postpone its commercial launch just a few days before getting into operation. The company's profits have dropped considerably, its major handsets being challenged by competing flagship cars with better cameras (especially in low light capacities), and its internal mobile chipset has also been left behind by the competition. Then there's the fact that the Galaxy S10 comes with the same fast charging speeds we've seen on Galaxy phones for five years.

Of course, Samsung has also improved on some things. Most notable is in the field of software updates. Samsung launched the Android Pie for many phones in the first four months of the year, much faster than the release of any previous update of the Android operating system. It is sending security updates more regularly and is also extending the support period for security updates for some older devices. Last but not least, Samsung has launched some excellent low-cost and mid-range smartphones such as the Galaxy M20 and the Galaxy A50.

But people often remember evil instead of good. Samsung has had some problems this year, and will have to work quickly to get back from those problems and take the lead again. Samsung is a big corporation, so it can work on several things at the same time, but if you selected something that the Korean giant should work on, what would it be?

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What do you think Samsung should be focusing on now?


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