Saturday , October 23 2021

TVX Roxanne Tong struggles to replace Jacqueline Wong


It was a career for Roxanne Tong, but she got sick on the first day of work.

The 32-year-old actress was chosen by TVB, Hong Kong's TV broadcaster, to replace Jacqueline Wong in resubmission of the police procedural drama. Forensic Heroes IV.

Wong, 30, stood aside after being caught kissing singer Andy Hui, 51, in a taxi in April.

Tong, who was urged to release 4.5 kilograms by TVB bosses to take on the role of Wong, said pressure came to her on the first day of the set.

According to the portal, Tong, who revealed that she told good friend Wong that she would be replacing her, could not deliver her speeches on time.

Tong admitted that things "got very serious". But she said the situation improved over the days, with castmates like Raymond Wong doing everything they could to ease her.

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Tong (right) was called in to replace Jacqueline Wong after the Andy Hui scandal. Photo: Instagram (@RoxanneTong)

Tong (right) was called in to replace Jacqueline Wong after the Andy Hui scandal. Photo: Instagram (@RoxanneTong)

"I understand the pressure she is," said Raymond, 43. The media say he was furious when he discovered that the work he did in the scenes with Jacqueline Wong was wasted.

Tong, in an attempt not to further extend the reshoot, which cost RM5.2mil, took a long time to memorize his lines.

The reshoot was also a pain to the other cast members. Raymond Wong said that since the original scenes were filmed some time ago, it was not easy to remember the mood of his character in the various scenes that had to be redone.

Forensic Heroes IV, seen as one of TVB's biggest productions to mark its 52nd birthday this year, is slated to open in Hong Kong and mainland China in November. – The Straits Times / Asia news network

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