Top 3 Things to Watch for


Β© Reuters. – Here is a preview of the top 3 things that can shake the markets tomorrow.

1. Pinterest, Zoom for Debut & # 39;

A couple of big IPOs hit Wall Street tomorrow.

Pinterest's (NYSE πŸ™‚ social media image sharing company has not yet priced its shares at 7:30 p.m., BrasΓ­lia time (11:30 p.m. GMT). But it is expected to raise about $ 1.2 billion.

The company is looking at the price of 75 million shares between $ 15 and $ 17 per share. But according to published reports, the IPO is likely to be priced higher than expected.

Pinterest is scheduled to debut on the New York Stock Exchange under the PINS symbol.

Meanwhile, Video communications with zoom (NASDAQ πŸ™‚ raised $ 751.3 million, more than expected, with its IPO.

The videoconferencing company paid 20.9 million shares at $ 36 per share, up from the revised range upwards of $ 33 to $ 35 per share.

The company will trade on the Nasdaq as ZM.

2. More big name gains before the bell

Tomorrow's earnings report may be a bit more numerous than usual, with markets closed for Good Friday this week.

Among the most important pre-announcement reports, Honeywell's first quarter is estimated at $ 1.83 a share, down 6.2 percent from $ 1.95 a year earlier, according to analysts polled by

Revenue is forecast at $ 8.63 billion. That's out of a year ago, but Honeywell (NYSE πŸ™‚ sold some companies in the meantime. Their traditional business is expected to be strong.

American Express (NYSE πŸ™‚ is expected to $ 1.99 a share in the first quarter. That would be up 7% from a year ago. Analysts also see revenue up 7.7 percent from a year earlier to $ 10.5 billion. Shares were stable on Wednesday, but rose 17% in the year.

Oil services giant Schlumberger (NYSE πŸ™‚ is seen as an early indicator of the health of the oil and gas industry. are expected at 30 cents per share, down 21% over the previous year. Revenue is estimated at $ 7.81 billion, slightly down from $ 7.83 billion a year ago.

Stocks rose 31% this year, reflecting the sharp jump in energy prices.

Pacific Union (NYSE πŸ™‚ is forecast to be $ 1.90 a share in the first quarter. That would be 13% over the previous year. Analysts believe that revenue rose 1.1% to $ 5.54 billion. Union Pacific and other railroads are rapidly implementing new operational processes, often called precision programmed railways, designed to move freight more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

Stocks rose 23.4% this year. Last year, shares rose 3.1%, after falling by 15.1% in the fourth quarter.

3. Retail sales should come back

The economic calendar is quite busy tomorrow, although it is only a day before a long weekend for the markets.

The Commerce Department will present the latest retail sales figures at 8:30 AM ET (12:30 GMT).

Economists expect the index to rise 0.9% in March, with top retail sales excluding auto sales, up 0.7%, according to forecasts compiled by

At the same time, the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia will release its measure of industrial activity in its ratio.

The April forecast is expected to rise to 10.4.

And, as usual, the initial numbers of applications for unemployment benefits are also released at 8:30 am ET.

for the benefits of unemployment for the first time, are expected to reach 205,000, from the lowest level since 1969, reported the previous week.


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