The next group of C9BOYZ boys announce the departure of Kim Se Hoon after the controversy


C9 Entertainment issued a statement on Kim Se Hoon, which was previously announced as a member of the agency's group of boys, currently known as C9BOYZ.

The agency had previously stated on a first notice that they were looking at a controversy surrounding the member to determine the truth. This followed online postings about their alleged actions.

Hello. This is C9 Entertainment.
This is our second statement on Kim Se Hoon, which was announced as the fourth member of C9BOYZ (tentative name).

After examining the subject, we confirm that by the second year of high school, Kim Se Hoon has committed wrong actions that are inappropriate for a student. However, it is true that a considerable amount of content [of the accusations] was false, exaggerated or distorted.

Regarding classroom behavior, such as breaking the classroom window, damaging the classroom ceiling and throwing a chair, these are things that Kim Se Hoon did not do or that were the general atmosphere of the class, not his actions. alone. The posting of the uploader with the real name also mentioned that this behavior in the classroom was the general atmosphere of the class, not Kim Se Hoon's individual actions. The damage of items such as a desk, purse, and writing tools was not something Kim Se Hoon did alone.

In relation to what was said above, we contacted his classroom teacher at the time, which confirmed that Kim Se Hoon was not a unilateral perpetrator of school violence. They also expressed their sadness in saying that the events of that time were not something worthy of becoming such a big subject.

When Kim Se Hoon entered the third year of high school, he joined a dance club and began to have dreams related to dance. After he has become a trainee in our agency, he has done his best to achieve his dreams. He is known among his fellow interns as well as senior and junior artists for his brilliant personality and has set a good example for others, which is why he was chosen to debut with the group.

After the controversy arose, we talked to Kim Se Hoon as well as to people involved, such as his parents, acquaintances and members of the debut group. During that time Kim Se Hoon reflected deeply on his misbehavior from the second year of high school and, as he was concerned about causing harm to other members, asked to be excluded from C9BOYZ (tentative name).

We are planning to exclude Kim Se Hoon from C9BOYZ. However, we will continue to work together with Kim Se Hoon so he can try to fulfill his dreams. We will do our best to the continuous improvement of Kim Se Hoon, including in terms of his character as well as his abilities.

In the future, we plan to take legal action to file civil and criminal cases if there are more cases of false allegations against Kim Se Hoon. He is a student in his third year of high school who is trying to fulfill his dream and it is too early for him to give up.

Thank you.

The C9BOYZ program now consists of Bae Jin Young (from the Wanna One project group), YG Treasure Box participants, Kim Seung Hun and Lee Byoung Gon (BX), Yonghee and Hyunsuk.


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