Spiderman's latest DLC sells his fascinating ideas


Spider-Man is more about just the spectacular webslinger, or even the man behind Spidey's mask. The supporting cast that comes as part of the Spider package – its allies, its friends, its family, its enemies – is equally vital. But as much as Spider manThe content of DLCs wants to try, the time has come to make those who support the stars be fair.

Territorial Wars, the second chapter of a series of new missions to The Marvel Spider-Man dubbed "The City That Never Sleeps," came out this week, and in many ways is very similar to the first DLC slice released last month, Theft.

He adds some new chapters to the game, more twists on familiar activities in the basic game to make, and some new facts for Peter to enter. He also puts his focus on another important female figure in Peter's life – except this time instead of being super-thief Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat), it's Yuri Watanabe, Peter's only friend on the NYPD. And it is also very scarce to expose any of the intriguing ideas he creates.

After Theft saw Maggie mafia Hammerhead rekindle an inter-family crime war, Territorial Wars He spends most of his time running a few hours showing how Yuri and the police – with a little help from their friendly Spider-Man – are trying, and failing, to deal with the increase in crime.

Which is saying something, considering that the version of the game in New York is a few months after being blocked due to the triple threat of a deadly viral outbreak, a rebellion in prisons, and Sinister Six himself taking Manhattan. Everything that was goodbut to Maggia? The NYPD is against the wall!

This hits Yuri, who prides himself on being a good cop, the hardest – and Territorial Wars just keep kicking her while she's down. It begins miserably for her, as an attempt to bring Hammerhead into after he settles in Harlem quickly becomes a disaster that causes a whole squadron of men under his command to be killed.

As Hammerhead's grip on the city becomes stronger and stronger and more police are caught in the crossfire, Yuri finds herself pushed to a breaking point that eventually shakes her – abandoning Spider-Man and his ideals for a personal quest for revenge against Hammerhead. , hoping to take as much as Maggia can with her.

While Peter finds himself in a race against time to stop Hammerhead and Yuri, all of this culminates in a scrap that sees Yuri apparently run the mafioso in front of Peter and a squad of cops (spoilers: he somehow survives, thanks to) True, this is a comic book video game; and b) it has a very thick head).

All this is fascinating, but Territorial Wars is too short and too light to give any of his complex ideas to the narrative weight. Hammerhead, now the two-piece villain of DLC (even if in Theft most of the time it goes unnoticed) and, presumably, the third, has almost been developed.

His sudden arrival on the scene as a threat so seemingly impossible to detain, that he can deceive death, does not seem convincing, since "The city that never sleeps" needs its own Doc Ock, but it is as boring as a character which is difficult to care for. Yuri's downward spiral seems to fly so fast she does not feel deserved.

She's going to feel like she's done something therapeutic in calling the families of the cops who died on her watch, running and seemingly shooting in a whole bar full of Maggia henchmen in a matter of a couple of stories, and why you naturally Skip the time with Peter as its protagonist, you can never see what Yuri is going through, although his story is what drives both of Territorial Wars.

It's frustrating because there are some really easy ways that Yuri has in Territorial Wars could be handled much better – because it's there in the comics that she came first. Introduced in Incredible Spiderman in 2009, Yuri, as she is in the game, was captain of the police.

But she eventually becomes the watchful Wraith, operating out of police jurisdiction to cause fear in the hearts of the New York criminal. She worked several times with Spider-Man until a plot called "Spiral" a few years ago, where her faith in the judiciary was shaken by a corruption scandal that took Tombstone out of prison.

The event unleashed a new crime war that eventually saw Yuri collide with Spider-Man over where the line is drawn on vigilante violence – then curiously, it is manipulated by another The Marvel Spider-Man figure, negative lord.

There are clear parallels with what The Marvel Spider-Man try to do with Yuri's bow for his progression in the comics. Had Territorial Wars In fact, the time it took to construct it gracefully, there would have been some fascinating symmetry with Otto Octavius's main play depiction – and the way revenge can consume the closest and dearest people to Peter, in a way that he never lets it consume him. when he became Spider-Man.

But Territorial Wars is very short, very fleeting, and very worried about Peter as his lens to the story to give Yuri the time she needs to sell her own bow.

That makes her fall in disgrace as the only police officer willing to work with Spider-Man on a vengeful killer feels like a whipped tonal – and above all, it makes it hard to care, especially if the third and final chapter of " The city that never sleeps "ends up not picking up the threads of Yuri's story as well as Territorial Wars did not take anything from Felicia's bow Theft.

So much of The Marvel Spider-Man has great joy in twisting what we know of decades of comics to make the familiar feel fresh, it seems Territorial Wars could have been much more satisfying than spending time to take a page out of these books.


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