Scientists: Keep cats indoors to prevent both the pet and the owner from contracting infections


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If you have a pet cat that loves the outdoors, take note!

On Wednesday, scientists advised owners to keep their cats indoors because allowing them to go outdoors would increase the likelihood of an infection, reported NST. Damn it!

According to the report published in the journal Royal Biology Letters, pet cats walking outdoors are almost three times more likely to be infected with pathogens or parasites than those who stay indoors. In addition, the authors also warned that cats can transmit the above mentioned viruses to humans as well.

They then added that cats living far from the equator are more likely to be overwhelmed by viruses or insects if they are constantly exposed to the outdoors.

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Lead author Kayleigh Chalkowski, who is a researcher at the University of Auburn School of Forestry and Wildlife, was quoted as saying:

"Each degree in absolute latitude increased the likelihood of infection by 4%. You think of tropical regions as having just more wildlife, more parasites. "

"But it turned out that latitude had the opposite effect."

Before reaching the end result, Chalkowski and his colleagues analyzed about two dozen previous studies, through which they made comparisons on the regularity of diseases contracted by pet cats when they are allowed in external or internal areas. After that, they analyzed 19 different cat pathogens (also known as virus) in more than 12 countries. Some of the countries are mentioned below:

  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Pakistan
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Saint Cristopher

After that, Chalkowski explained:

"This is the first time that access to the outside as a risk factor for infection in cats has been quantified in a wide range of geographic locations and types of pathogens."

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It was revealed that the effects were fairly consistent for almost all diseases, regardless of the mode of transmission – which could be via soil, other cats or prey. Some of the diseases that affect humans are also as follows:

  • Lombriga Feline
  • Single-cell parasite, which causes toxoplasmosis

Therefore, Chalkowski recommended that It is best to keep domesticated felines indoors as this will prevent them from bringing infectious diseases that could endanger the health of cats, as well as our own. She finally added that many pathogens that cats carry can actually spread to us humans. Oh no!

What do you think of this study? Will you follow Chalkowski's advice and keep your pet (s) in the house? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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