Rumor: Apple developing its own 5G modem for iPhones; It should be launched by 2020


Online reports suggest that Apple may soon introduce its own internally developed radio modem to its future devices. If a list of jobs published by Bloomberg is something that should be done.


Thanks to a new list of job openings in Cupertino, Apple is looking to reduce its dependence on external suppliers of radios and modems. Worklists are looking for people familiar with LTE, Bluetooth, next generation connectivity (5G) and millimeter wave technology.

At this point, Apple still trusts Intel to provide its modems – albeit unwillingly – to devices such as the iPhone and its new MacBooks. This includes WiFi and LTE radio receivers.

The company plans to launch the 5G iPhones by 2020, giving Apple plenty of time to start researching and developing its modems. In hindsight, making your own chips would give Apple several benefits. Chief among them is the elimination of any other lawsuit, such as the ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm.

The fruit company is well known for its internal processors of the A series, the latest iteration being its Bionic A12X. That said, we still need to see if Apple would adopt an LTE modem and that Intel and Qualcomm could compete for their money.

(Source: Bloomberg via PhoneArena)

Edited by John Law


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