Perak e-hailing drivers ask the government to standardize the PSV-Nation license price


IPOH (BernaĆ­): E-hailing drivers in Perak asked the government to standardize the price of the PSV license and the insurance payment scheme due to different rates established by regions and states.

One of the pilots, Ramli Ahmad Razali, 50, said this should be noted, as most drivers in the state questioned the price difference of the PSV license and the insurance imposed on them.

"We support the government's efforts to price the PSV license that must be paid by e-hailing drivers, but the government should review the e-hailing system including the PSV license and insurance price which is seen as varied all over the country. .

"For example, the PSV license in Kuala Lumpur is only between RM80 and RM90 while in Tanjung Malim drivers pay RM130 and some areas in Perak are charged up to RM200 … why the license in Perak is more expensive compared to Kuala Lumpur ," he said.

He said this at a news conference after a peaceful assembly which was attended by about 50 e-mail drivers at the Perak Stadium complex this Friday (April 19).

In November last year, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said all e-hailing drivers must sign up for PSV's license, similar to other taxi drivers this January.

Loke said that drivers received up to July 12 this year to complete their license and PSV course.

"After July 12, 2019, we will begin to apply the new regulations, since all drivers must have registration and PSV license, insurance and vehicles with more than three years will be subject to inspection," he said. – Bernama


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