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NVIDIA GeForce 430.39 Drivers Found to Cause High CPU Usage

NVIDIA has recently released the 430.39 version of its GeForce drivers for its GPUs. WHQL drivers come with improved support for the new GTX 1650, among other things. Unfortunately, the drivers apparently also caused a nasty little bug that makes the CPU usage exceptionally larger than normal.


Specifically, the bug does not seem to be generalized; appears to be affecting only a selected number of users. This causes CPU usage on a PC to increase by between 10% and 20%. If that was not bad enough, the CPU peak would persist even if the computer was idle and was not doing anything.

The source of this abnormal CPU usage supposedly has something to do with the local NVIDIA Display Container system. A Reddit user points out that rebooting the system resolves the problem, but even this is temporary because the problem comes up again.

The bug does not only affect desktop users; notebooks running the new NVIDIA GeForce 16 series mobile GPUs are also affected. We can imagine the kind of destruction that this bug would cause in notebooks, especially in the battery consumption department.

It should be noted that the current 430.39 drivers cure a flicker problem that is reportedly persistent on multiple monitor desktop systems.

The good news is that NVIDIA has always released a hotfix driver – version 430.53 – that solves the problem. You can download it through the official website if you want to solve the problem quickly.

(Source: NVIDIA via Techradar, Tom's Hardware)


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