Thursday , October 21 2021

Mixer Season 2 offers a clear path to streaming monetized video games


Mixer, a Microsoft-owned website, is in a battle with Amazon's Twitch to win hearts and video game portfolios.

With the newly introduced package of new features, the Mixer is trying to position itself as the best place for viewers to support their favorite streamers and for streamers to thrive financially. The update, which the Mixer is calling "Season 2," is focused on promoting more ways to interact on the platform and more ways to earn revenue.

Livestreaming has had an undeniable impact on how people and video game fans interact specifically with their entertainment and build community. By interacting directly with their audience, popular streamers have been able to establish their own communities on platforms like Mixer, Twitch and YouTube, without ever relying on specific games. But to be successful, rather than just popular, streamers need to find ways to monetize their audience.

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Video game streamers rely primarily on monthly subscribers and revenue donations due to inconsistent ad returns during their broadcasts. In April 2017, Twitch, the most popular live streaming video game platform, introduced a virtual currency called Bits, giving players an official way to donate to multiple streams in smaller increments. Each donated bit equals one penny earned for the streamer; Twitch charges $ 7 for 500 Bits, which means they earn approximately $ 2 for every $ 5 donated to different streamers in Bits.

Twitch users can buy bits to support their favorite streams.
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Only Twitch affiliates and affiliates, streamers with a proven track record, are eligible to receive income from signatures and bit donations. On YouTube, any creator with an AdSense account may qualify for ad revenue, and some game channels now have access to a subscription option. Mixer Season 2 is offering streamers a more direct path to monetization, with a more elaborate monetary system and better incentives for viewers who want to support creators.

See how the 2 coins of the Mixer will work

With the release of Season Two, the Mixer plans to use two separate virtual currencies that allow viewers to support their favorite streams in different ways. Mixer users can passively earn a coin, called "Sparks," watching streams or streaming. Sparks can be spent to trigger special chat interactions, skills calls, which include animated stickers, GIFs, simple games, and other effects that appear in the Mixer's flow overlay. The effects are considerably more involved and intentionally more interactive than the emoticons offered by Twitch.

The skills tray, shown above, allows viewers to burn sparks for different stickers and effects.

Spending sparks while watching will help propel the creator's channel, and streamers will become eligible for a payout after reaching certain landmarks. The second coin, "Embers" Mixer, has not yet been released, but will only be available for cash purchase. Embers will be able to unleash unique abilities and can be used to give tips directly to streamers.

Streamers earn clear financial rewards when viewers use their sparks on the channel.

Be it Sparks, Embers or Bits, the goal of the coin is to encourage viewers to support what they are watching. With Season 2, Mixer plans to provide additional incentive to spend sparks with a progression system for viewers. Spending more sparks with the same streamer will give the viewer access to more unique abilities and channel-specific advantages.

Behind the scenes, the Mixer will also implement automatic bit rate switching for a smoother viewing experience from less stable mobile devices or Internet connections. Creators will also have greater control over their feed flow with the implementation of the RTMP standard used by Twitch and YouTube and the adoption of the Mixer FTL streaming protocol on more devices.

The Mixer's development team plans to launch Embers and the viewer's progression system in the coming weeks, while solidifying the other improvements of the second season. Sparks and skills abilities are already active on the platform, and creators can use their new tools to set clear goals for their flow. Visit the Mixer to learn more about the second season and try the Microsoft streaming platform for you.

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