Microsoft may have abandoned Sets in Windows 10 – what now for application tabs?


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In what will come as a disappointment to many, Microsoft seems to have decided to abandon the Windows 10 suite feature. This highly anticipated feature was bringing guides to applications, making it easier to work with multiple instances of the same program. .

In the middle of last year, however, Microsoft removed Sets from the Insider versions of Windows 10, promising that the feature would return in a future release. But a tweet from the senior program manager, Rich Turner, suggests that Sets no longer exists … although that does not mean that the application's guides are completely off the agenda.

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In June, with the release of Windows 10 17704, Microsoft put Sets on hold, saying, "Thank you for your continued support of test suites. We continue to receive valuable feedback from you as we develop this feature to help ensure the best experience based on your feedback, some of the things we're focusing on include improvements in visual design and continuation better integrate Office and Microsoft Edge to Sets to improve the workflow.If you tested the Sets, it will no longer be seen from the current version, however, Sets will return in a future WIP.We thank you again for your feedback. "

Since then, there was practically no radio silence on the subject until Rich Turner appeared on Twitter this weekend, responding to a query about tabs on the console. He tweeted:

With no official announcement about the future of the tabs, it's a bit difficult – as Chris Hoffman, from How-To Geek, to point out – to determine Microsoft's plans from this single tweet. But for anyone who was looking forward to Sets, it certainly does not sound like good news.

However, it seems that a tabbed interface to Windows applications may not have been completely abandoned … it is likely to have a different form.

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