Malaysian vehicle sales data for February 2019 by brand


As has traditionally been the case, February has never been an excellent month for vehicle sales, and so it was again this year. The short work month and the Chinese New Year holiday period led to a slow month with only 39,838 vehicles delivered, a reduction of 18% (or 8,612 units) as of January.

See a quick summary on most brands' performance last month. Most brands reported lower numbers last month, including eight of the top 10. Market leader Perodua (-14.3%), as well as second-placed Honda (-20.2%) and third-placed Proton (-23.0%), saw a drop in volume, as did Nissan (- 44.8%) and Mazda (-56.6%).

Other companies that saw a drop in numbers were Mitsubishi (-42.0%), Volkswagen (-53.1%), Hyundai (-61.5%) and Renault (-69.8%). Among the few brands that had reason to cheer in February were Toyota (+ 49.7%) and BMW (+ 5.6%).

The latter was the only one to have a strong presence in the premium segment – the weak month of Mercedes-Benz (-44.5%) leaves it ahead with a volume of sales in the accumulated of the year, but there is still a long way to go , of course . Elsewhere, it was also a softer month for Volvo (-11.9%).

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