Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler enters the line and tells fans they are wrong Football | Sport


After Croatia's 3-2 win over Lovren, referring to rival Sergio Ramos, admitted that he had, "gave him a good smack."

He also posted a photo the following morning on the Instagram, which seemed to show him hitting Ramos in the back of the head, and wrote, "Good morning Croatia."

Liverpool fans are attracted to criticism, but Fowler thinks it's hilarious.

"I was laughing when I saw Dejan Lovren's burn in Sergio Ramos," he told the Mirror.

"I actually saw some Liverpool fans taking it behind him, finding a way to say he was disrespectful or whatever, but come on, it was funny.

"And he was also a player who showed that he believes in himself and in his country. I'll tell him what also, Ramos himself will think it's fair."

"He is someone who prepares everything. He is always emerging after games and the media, strengthening and controlling his opponents.

"He played again against Viktoria Plzen recently – this was an obvious elbow and although he later said that he did not want to hurt his opponent, he probably did.

"But that's what you get out of it – and I'm not complaining. He's someone you hate … but you would have on your team.

"He has such a horrible thing about him – and that's a good thing in a defender, in my experience, even if I was at the end of much of it in my career! And I'll say the same about Lovren too – and in fact, the material that he left after the game of Spain certainly showed confidence. "

Lovren is after Joe Gomez and Virgil van Dijk in the order of Anfield and Fowler thinks it would be a different story if it had been the Dutchman to hand out the jokes.

"If it was Virgil van Dijk doing that, the Liverpool fans would have loved it, I like Lovren being arrogant, fair game, lad."

"Just keep it up. Oh, and do not regret it if someone does it back."


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