Kylian Mbappe Like Totally Confirms Liverpool Move During Conversation About FIFA Video Game


Kylian Mbappe dropped the biggest tip yet he goes definitively join Liverpool this summer after all – but confirming the decision stating that he would choose to play as Jurgen Klopp's men in a FIFA match.

According to each summer, the most expensive soccer players in the world are linked to a handful of clubs able to pay them, with Mbappe no different. Oh just ignore President of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi saying, "Mbappe? I am 200% sure that he will still be in PSG next season". A small obstacle.

Currently in the United States, the French star has made the biggest hint that he wants to join the Champions League winners after claiming that he would opt to play for Jurgen Klopp's men in a FIFA match.

Talking to Herculez Gomez of ESPN, Mbappe was given the free choice to choose the side he himself wins in a face-to-face confrontation.

"Maybe Liverpool because they have won the Champions League," he said.

As if he had not already added gas to the flames of the transfer, which are to quote Alan Partridge already warmer than the sun, he confessed his admiration for the German coach of the club, stating: "Yes, he's good."

After what seems to have been months of speculation, it seems that this story may finally be put in bed. He clearly flew under the radar, but Mbappe was obviously in the United States, not on vacation, but instead to meet with the RedsAmerican Owner John W. Henry of the Fenway Sports Group to get the basic details of his imminent to move.

Real Madrid can also end the 20-year chase here and now, as this slick language of the World Cup winner ended their hopes of securing their "greatest wish" with the Premier. League runners now definitely, definitively receiving your man.

Note: Obviously, the above is jokingly. That means nothing more than the fact that Mbappe (like everyone who has ever played) enjoys fast players at FIFA. For a thorough analysis of why this movement is not being seen here. You will have to dream for now with Liverpool fans. Fortunately, you already have an incredibly incredible attack.


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