It turns out that the new Apple Mac Pro creates a poor cheese grater


When Apple announced its new Mac Pro, people noticed two things more than others about it. The first is obviously the price, which starts at over RM25,000. Then the design of the ventilation grid. Many on the internet have commented that it looks like a cheese grater. And someone really bothered to find out.


YouTuber Winston Moy machined a replica of the grill on an aluminum plate. His video details the strenuous process of really hitting the design, which occupies most of the video. Moy even added a satin finish so it looked like one more segment removed from a Mac Pro. And finally he puts a piece of Pecorino Romano cheese through the DIY cheese grater.

The result is what you expect. It works, but the design of the Mac Pro grill does not contribute to an effective cheese grater despite its appearance. Moy points out that his Mac Pro Grille replica would be an excellent soap dish.

If the video is intended to show something, it is likely there has been much of Apple's design. This does not change the fact that the machine itself comes with a higher price than a Perodua Axia base model.

(Source: Winston Moy / YouTube via The Verge)


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