Is this new diet dangerous to your vaginal health?



Gynecology specialist Dr Sumayya Ebrahim says there is no major research to show any link between Keto's groin and Keto's diet, but she adds, "I could understand how the odor in the vagina can change based on your diet."

When something disturbs the acidic environment of the vagina, it results in some bacteria that grow too much. These bacteria can create an imbalance in the bacterial environment. They then produce what we call amines, or substances, which may favor an odor.

Essentially, it is an indirect consequence: the imbalance in the pH triggers a change in the flora of the vagina, which can then create an odor.

According to Ebrahim, "Any change in any diet can do this: if you drink in excess of alcohol, if you are on a starvation diet, if you are not eating, if you have been on recent antibiotics, or if you have got Since the vagina does not exist in isolation, it exists as part of a general whole, the well-being of your vagina will reflect the well-being of your body. "

If the problem is an imbalance in the pH of the vagina, sometimes all that is needed is vaginal probiotics. Possible suggestions from your doctor will be a gel or a capsule that you insert into your vagina that brings the pH back to normal. "Or you can wait long enough for your body to rebalance," says Ebrahim.

The other thing that you could theoretically result in in the groin Keto is from the amines produced from the Keto diet – similar to what happens when you get keto breath. "Technically, any secretion from your body can have that scent," says Ebrahim.



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