A graduate of Psychology from Grande Prairie Regional College took his research to a larger audience. On November 5 and 9, Kara Witow presented the findings of her study on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and children in sports for groups in Ottawa and Calgary. Witow says she was excited to get a chance to introduce herself.

"I am very excited to represent the GPRC. I want to show people that there are opportunities to conduct research outside of a larger institution."

ADHD is a medical condition that affects attention and self-control. Children with ADHD sometimes experience learning delays and behavioral problems.

Witow says he decided to research the topic when he saw children with ADHD struggling to do what other people their age were doing, such as playing sports.

"I have seen many ADHD children struggling to participate in some of the same activities as their friends … There are so many benefits to being involved in physical activities so I really wanted to understand what exactly was preventing these kids from having a better experience. "

Witow's research has not yet been revised or published, but with both presentations now behind her, she says she plans to seek publication.