Google sees every device released with Android pie or later to be compatible with treble


Without a doubt, Google has not gone unnoticed by the number of events that have unfolded in recent years. With Google finally showing what it means to build an Android device since the advent of its Google Pixel devices, Google has vowed to finally remove the biggest complaints they have had since the advent of Androids, and that's updates.

Google is definitely not the best when it comes to overall goodwill. As Android is an open source platform, Google is often criticized when Android is criticized for not being upgraded as an Apple device. With OEMs continuously producing new devices every week, Google traditionally assigns the burden to the awful OEMs to release updates to phones running Android, and so far does not look good. Because OEMs traditionally abandon their phones within a year of their release, Google basically leaves many users running devices up to a year ago in the dark, open to security vulnerabilities.

With Google finally having enough of scorn and criticism, Google took it upon itself to announce the Treble project. With the help of the Treble Project, Google hopes this will help OEMs / vendors launch faster and faster updates on their Android devices.

Displayed by Gadgets360, Google's Android team in a recent post announced that all devices launched running the Android Pie are now a device-enabled device for Treble, essentially stating that no device would remain behind when it comes to large Android updates . While it is certainly still the device manufacturer's responsibility to release these updates via OTA, this certainly opens up great opportunities for the GSI community, a new community that is making the most of Project Treble's commitment by allowing users to carry a number. of ROMs for each Treble compatible device with a little work. In a blog post, they said,

From now on, all devices being launched with Android 9 Pie or later will be Treble compatible and will fully leverage Treble's architecture to deliver faster updates. Thanks to Treble, we expect to see more devices from OEMs running Android 9 Pie in late 2018 compared to the number of devices running Android Oreo in late 2017.

While this is definitely setting a ton of expectations for a ton of users, it certainly seems to be a gray area right now, since releasing those updates is largely in the hands of the manufacturer unless you're a great developer or enthusiastic developer . . Typically, it's up to the manufacturer to release these updates because none of the OEMs are willing to give up their custom Android plug-ins.


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