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Fortnite: fifth and last rune appeared in Loot Lake

The fifth rune appeared in Fortnite on the Loot Lake metal structure.

A few weeks ago, in the v8.40 update, a new metal structure was added in the middle of Loot Lake, and soon after, the runes appeared in the structure one by one before being found somewhere on the map on a pedestal. Rock. Players would need to interact with the runes to return to Loot Lake and be activated. So far, there have been four different runes that have been activated and the fifth and last rune is shining on the structure and we should be seeing the rune somewhere on the map tomorrow. Here is the appearance of the rune:

Fifth Rune Appeared on Fortnite
Forty Fifth Rune Appeared on Lake Loot

If you look closely at the rune, it looks like it might resemble the volcano, which means that the rune may be located somewhere near the POI volcano tomorrow or will be connected in some way. The volcano started smoking more when each rune was activated and leaked that there would be a rash of some sort to the event in the game that was supposed to be taking place.

The first four runes have returned to Loot Lake in different ways and you can see how each rune went to the structure before being activated below.

Fortuna Loot Lake Rune 1

Fortnite Rune Near Lucky Landing
Fortnite Rune Near Lucky Landing- via u / AyraShen

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The first rune generated some place between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields. Players need to deal damage to the rune to make her move, and she travels the map, paying a visit to the unlucky building in Tilted Towers, but left unmarked before going to Loot Lake where she was activated.

Lake Loot Rune Fortnite 2

Pedestal Fortnite - via @iScenario
Pedestal Fortnite – via @iScenario

This rune was seen hovering over Loot Lake, but there were three different lasers that were found on the Fortnite map. The players needed to deal damage to the lasers so that they aligned with the rune and, once that happened, the rune descended to its place in the structure where it was activated. You can see images of the rune being activated On here.

Fortuna Lake Loot Rune 3

This rune was located in factories near Polar Peak and, to make this rune, players needed to dance in front of it. This rune was activated very quickly, approximately 3 hours after it was generated.

Lake of the Loot Rune Fortnite 4

Fortnite Fourth Rune Location - via Reddit user maniac_player1
Fortnite Fourth Rune Location – via Reddit user maniac_player1

This rune spawned with a 3 × 3 grid on a mountain west of Lake Loot. There were different lights appearing on the grid and players realized they had to make all the same colors to activate the rune. This rune was activated the fastest of the four and most players did not even get a chance to see it in the game. You can see images of the rune being activated On here.

The fifth and final rune will be seen on the map somewhere tomorrow, but what do you think the players will need to do to activate it? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.

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