Facebook Dating is now available in Malaysia


In today's F8 event, Facebook has announced that it is expanding its Facebook dating feature to 14 new countries including Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. This is a mailing feature that was initially available in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina and Mexico and is now available to all users in Malaysia.

With Facebook Dating, you can create a separate dating profile separate from your personal Facebook profile. This will help recommend possible matches based on your preference, common interest, and mutual friends. By default, it does not suggest your dating profile to your current circle of Facebook friends, and you can also choose not to recommend friends from friends to you.

To help others understand you better, there are pre-defined questions you can answer that will appear on your Facebook Dating profile. If you want to try it out, just tap the Facebook menu and you should see dating as a new option in your Facebook application.

Secret crush

Another new feature that was announced today is Secret Crush, which can be seen as a way to help people who are too shy to approach their passion. You can add up to 9 of your current Facebook friends that you are interested in a secret crush list. If you add you too, both will be notified of the match.

This feature works only if both parties have created a Facebook Dating profile. If your passion has one, they will be notified that someone has a crush on them, but they will not know until they add you to their secret crush list.


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