Dota 3 is, incredibly, the most recent Epic Games Store exclusive


Epic Games has put another spot on the board in the ongoing war with Steam, announcing that Dota 3 will be released exclusively at the Epic Games Store this year. The excitement of the fans came to the point where we learned that Valve was finally making a third game in any series, but that emotion quickly turned into confusion when the game disappeared from the Steam store and reappeared in its competitor.

Valve Software's Gabe Newell, irritably, issued a press release, accusing Dota 3 developers of "getting their pre-order money" when they "discreetly negotiated a behind-the-scenes exclusivity deal." "We need to end this kind of exclusivity," Newell cried. "It's not good for the industry. What's good for the industry is to launch all the games on Steam, constantly, until the end of time – especially our games! "

Valve Software's former development team, which became Epic Games, suggested that one reason they were willing to enter into an exclusivity deal was "because we get a lot more money from that."

"I recognize that it may not be convenient for some people to install an extra launcher," said a Dota 3 network engineer, "but it turns out that it's very convenient for me to have the extra money."

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At the time of printing, an individual took advantage of Steam Direct to load a game for the Steam store called "Real Dota 3" that was just a bitcoin miner and ransomware hack, which Valve is currently considering banning "depending on how it works ". .


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