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Discover Xur's Frequent Location on Destiny 2 and what exotic items to buy

Xur is a legendary Destiny 2 merchant who appears during weekend moves to sell some of the game's most coveted armor and weapons. Exchanging legendary fragments for items would give your gameplay a better advantage.

But for casual players limited to shards, it is often difficult to determine which items to buy. So knowing which gears work best will give you a better fighting experience.

But first, consider that Xur only appears on Fridays at exactly 17:00 GMT or 10:00 AM Pacific. And players can catch it until Tuesday, where its appearance is restarted.

One of the main problems every player encounters is getting him in which precise parts of the map and what specific items he will have in hand. Therefore, for players with limited fragments who want to invest in quality items, this guide will show you where you can find it and what you need to get from it.

It is also important to note that the Xur icon has not been active since the launch of the Forsaken expansion. Most players have difficulty locating it, but a point of comparison with previous releases is that it appears in exactly the same places.

For Titan, EDZ, The Tower and Nessur, Xur has always been on the catwalk in the Hangar area. You would need to turn left of the door and do some flight of stairs to the edge of the Hangar area. There you would find Xur waiting for a good deal.

This week, however, the legendary merchant will be standing in the Tower near the Dead Orbit faction. He will sell the SUROS regime shotgun for 29 legendary fragments and the Exotic Synthoceps gauntlet for 23 legendary fragments. You can also expect the Liar's Handshake's exotic gauntlet and Geomag Stabilizer leg armor for the 23 legendary fragments.

Note that each of these gears has different statistical effects. Obtaining Synthocepts, for example, provides a resistance of +11 while a liar's handshake is only +6. Both levers, although have a total score of 48, but with different status effects.

Knowing the effects of each piece's stats will also impact your character's ability and combat agility. Investing in the right armor and armor not only offers better chances of winning combat but also better chances of survival. The key, however, is to earn your Legendary Shards and know where to identify Xur by its gears.

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