Cyberpunk 451 Dungeon Tracker Conglomerate Revealed by 1C Entertainment


Conglomerate 451, a cyberpunk dungeon tracker that extracts some elements from XCOM, was announced today by 1C Entertainment

RuneHeads, the independent developer behind 2017 Fall of Light, announced today that it will once again partner with publisher 1C Entertainment for the next game: Conglomerate 451. It's an interesting mix of cyberpunk, first-person dungeon tracking and elements you'd expect to see in one XCOM game then Conglomerate 451 definitely made its way to my radar.

In Conglomerate 451players control a team of cloned policing agents that players can customize with things like weapons, implants, and virtual followers that can completely change the way a character plays. To unlock and find new improvements, players must take advantage of their own R & D department. These features, along with the permadeath and procedurally generated levels, are the most XCOM influences on Conglomerate 451.

That said, all the missions through the City Conglomerate Sector 451 unfold, moment by moment, on a first-person grid-based dungeon tracker. Engaging in combat involves players in a turn-based VATS-like system in which they can target individual members and weak points on enemies. Enemies can do the same with player agents, and horrible injuries can turn into negative status modifiers that will affect future executions. Hacking will also be an important part of the game, and can give players an edge at the start of each dungeon.

Conglomerate 451 is about to hit Steam Early Access "soon".


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