Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding joins the Chinese company to make two films – Nation


SINGAPORE (ANN): Henry Golding was once a hairdresser before playing the box office star in Crazy Rich Asians.

Now he hopes to further improve his position in the film industry as a producer by tweeting on Wednesday (June 19) that he had formed his own production company.

It's called Long House Productions, a tribute to its growing years in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, where a native tribe lives in long communal houses.

Long House is partnering with China's Starlight Cultural Entertainment Group, and he said that "thinking man action and science fiction will be the name of the game."

"I am excited to bring the unique stories that come from my experiences and the time I have spent living in Asia, London, America and around the world, the films I work on and the material I hope to develop," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

It's another pity on his cap, after his success at Crazy Rich Asians opened doors for him to be cast in other films such as Paul Feig's Last Christmas and Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen.

Peter Luo, chief executive of Starlight, is also betting on Golding to continue to make waves, saying: "Henry is the only actor-producer with a deal here because we see him as a class of one."

Starlight worked with top directors James Wan (Aquaman) and Jon M. Chu, who directed Crazy Rich Asians.

The collaboration with Golding will begin with two action movies, with one focusing on a killer who is targeting another.

Golding, who is said to be running to portray James Bond onscreen, is not waiting for this license to "kill".

He knows he has a chance to make more of his breakthrough Crazy Rich Asians, and does not want to fluff the chance to transcend ethnicity.

"I definitely have this responsibility in high regard, in the sense that I am leaving an impression, perhaps opening a few doors for whoever comes next.

"I want to behave in the same way a protagonist should behave," he told W magazine. – The Straits Times / Asia news network


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