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TENBURY businessman John King made his own meeting with death.

The 77-year-old man, who lives in Sutton, meticulously planned how he will kill himself to end his suffering almost three years after being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.

He worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the disease that is always incurable and progressive.

King hopes that by doing so, his legacy will be to help cure the disease that progressively kills the mechanism that allows the brain to communicate with muscles.

"I've just had enough," said King, who is well-known in Ludlow and the Marches, is a former advisor to the Hereford Chamber of Commerce, a former business columnist in the Hereford Times and was even a few weeks behind supporting students at the University of Worcester, where he was Entrepreneur in Residence. He was president of the Young Enterprise in Herefordshire for many years.

King supports Harriett Baldwin, Tenbury MP, and former Health Minister Philip Dunne of Ludlow for not wanting to change the law to legalize assisted suicide.

"I think it would make people vulnerable to pressure," King said.

King was taken to a health facility that he did not name.

He will be comfortable and relaxed and, at the moment of his choice, he will remove the mask he needs to breathe.

Instructions for not trying to resuscitate him have been signed.

The advice is that he dies in less than two minutes after removing the mask and a half hour at the most.

"Believe me, I've been thinking about it constantly for the last six months.

"I spend hours thinking and debating this question repeatedly in my head, night after night, as I spend the 12 or 13 hours I'm forced to spend in my bed among the caretakers pulling me out of bed every morning and putting me back to bed every night.

"There are times during the day when I could easily pull the trigger while I struggle with exhaustion and fatigue after going to the bathroom as an example. Draining any energy I have before the visit makes me wish I was dead when I finished.

"It takes away your ability to be independent. It takes away all of your muscles because the neurons that transmit and transmit messages to your muscles die and thus your muscles die with them. It is a very cruel and debilitating disease. You get stuck inside your own body, unable to do anything for yourself.

"I'm sure some will say that just & # 39; God & # 39; has the right to call us to his side.

"If that were the case, then I would not be here today because, though I did not resurrect it in place and expressed my desire to" have no outside intervention " To keep me alive, I've lived a lie in the last 12 months.

Because I had to use a machine 24 hours a day to give me air so that I could receive the oxygen from that air.I had to accept nutrition 24 hours a day artificially to provide calories that also support the functions All against my expressed wishes, but of my choice.

"So now I've decided it's enough! I will take off my mask and accept the inevitable conclusion of this action. "

Harriett Baldwin, a Tenbury MP, says that, like King, she is against the fact that assisted suicide is lawful, as it overburdens others.

"I fully accept that suicide, assistance or encouragement of suicide, assisted death and euthanasia are subjects on which it is perfectly possible for people to have very different, but defensible, views," Baldwin said.

"I want to do this now while I still have the strength to remove the mask," said King, who lost his first wife to cancer and had prostate cancer. He tells his current wife Elaine; two daughters and grandson understand.


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