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Žalgiris Basketball player Marius Grigonis becomes father: with his wife Salomė has first birth | The

Good news 15 min confirmed by Salomėja's grandfather, journalist Vidas Mačiulis of the legendary "Basketball World". This is his first joke, so on this day he is very happy.

"I have not seen him still alive, but I keep calling and asking how they're still there. He said that everything was fine, everyone was happy, healthy, "said Vidas Mačiulis.

His prank was born in the birthplace of Kaunas Pranas Mažylis, where his granddaughter, Salome, was born there. As 15 min Vidi Mačiulis told his new parents that his son had not yet chosen his name.

"Congratulations, little Grigoni, and know that your father Marius will not play with Grunwald tonight at Prienai. He waited for you together with your mother, Salomea, at the hospital from the second hour of the night …" Mačiulis added.

New on the official basketball team page on Facebook. The Žalgiris family was happy to see another member joining them.

On Tuesday night, players from the Žalgiris team play in Prien with Skycop LKL.

Known by Marius Salomė since the 6th year. Then the two studied in the same capital school, though Salome was in a senior year. After the 10th grade, she went to the US with the exchange program, but after returning she had to repeat the course in Lithuania. Fate or not, but class 11 began to be like a friend of the bank, and soon the romantic feelings ignited.

Salomea, the grandfather of the legendary journalist, creator and director of the Basketball World program, Salomėja said one of the most ferocious "yes" to basketball player last summer, Kaunas. In the Franciscan Church Kavier.

As before, Salome was interviewed 15 min, for both Mari and Marius, their first serious partner, both very expensive. Salome says they are serious about their relationship from the beginning of their communication, and the questions that feelings will pass over time – nothing happened. "We looked at each other from the very beginning of our very familiar friendship," Salome said.

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