"Žalgiris" arena will re-emerge the exhibition "Women's World"


With the fall of autumn routine and wilder weather, the 16th edition of the "Women's World" exhibition is eager – women publish a long weekend, because the news of fashion, style and beauty of the four days is here – of November 8 to 11 in Kaunas Arena "Žalgiris".

Over the years, seeing the face change of the event, the exhibition does not mean a common purchase, but the tradition of giving yourself time. Often this becomes the place for friends meetings and reasons to spend a day with a sister or mother. The four days of the exhibition have a special power – all women here can learn the secrets of charm, learn to look delicious every day, find irreplaceable products, listen to or try various procedures that disrupt the aging process. All this, and more, promises up to 415 exhibitors who will visit visitors on the three floors of the arena.

For three days, workshops will be held on beauty and health topics, and on Sunday, representatives of fine sex may hear tips to create an exclusive image of the lips of the stylist and blogger Viktorija Šaulytė.

A large proportion of women who turn into business face marginal situations where stress impairs a stable emotional and physical condition. For this reason, the idea of ​​holding a "Business and Happiness" conference was born from the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft and the Women Business Network. Stress-free, "in which discussions and practical examples will encourage you to help yourself in tense situations and encourage you to look more creative in your life.

Like every year, the exhibition is packed with events for beauty artisans. The long-term partners of the exhibition, the Association of Hairdressers and Beauty Specialists, will have the opportunity to study hair dye and modeling subtleties for two days at the International Academy "Vinokurov & # 038; friends" of a charismatic duo – S Maslov and R. Sakalauskas. For those who want to make more progress, I look forward to setting up a bridal arena and Art Battle, which will not remain indifferent. As if the icing on the cake turned into a "Happy Birthday, Lithuania" celebratory party, for the beauty of the world, where you can see the invisible spectacle, from body painting to dance, in the centenary of the year.

Another tradition of "Woman's World" is not forgotten – the latest collections of designers present the "Fashion and Beauty Show" on Friday, where they will choose the most fashionable. And the craftsmen will be welcome in the creative workshops "Dekostudija", where you can create genuine interior decorations or more interesting decorations.

The last day of the exhibition is especially welcome for all lovers, as the traditional LONG-HAIRED WORLD 2018 competition will be appreciated by visitors, where the newest box office records are recorded annually.

For more information, visit www.expo.lt.


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