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The Eurovision Song Contest, held in Tel Aviv for two weeks, has finally reached the finish line. This year, the melancholy Dutch singer Duncan Laurenc took the victory and played the music of Arcade. 15 min remembers that the Lithuanian representative Yuri Veklenko did not obtain the end of the Eurovision.

In total, 26 countries met in the final. They are Malta, Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Denmark, San Marino, Northern Macedonia, Sweden, Slovenia, Cyprus, Holland, Greece, Israel, Norway, United Kingdom, Iceland, Estonia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, Serbia. Switzerland, Australia, Spain.

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Duncan wrote the work "Arcade," which won the Eurovision Song Contest, based on personal experiences of a precious man who had not lost early.

The performer performed a touching job while sitting on the synthesizer, a considerable part of the time the artist spent in the dark, later replaced by the motif of night and moon.

If you're a big fan of Voice global projects, you'll certainly remember the name of Duncan Laurence. He participated in this competition in 2014.

Final Artist Performance:

VIDEO: WINNER PERFORMANCE: Duncan Laurence – Arcade – Holland – Eurovision 2019

After receiving the award, Laurel drew for the press conference. For the journalists who met, the guy was happy that this song brought him the victory. He also asked not to forget the entire creative group – his contribution is equal to the singer's work.

"Who just happened here?" Duncan rushed from behind the scenes and into the crowd.

Photo of Scanpix / Duncan Laurence

Photo of Scanpix / Duncan Laurence

The singer said he was very happy and wondered how he managed to bring down the emotions that came after the victory.

"It's hard for me to say what people voted for. I look forward to the history of music, words and the work of our team. Thanks to you. "Laurence thanked everyone.

When asked by the journalist what he did first to find out he was defeated, Laurence said he had embraced Nett the previous year before receiving trophies for the first time.

"I hugged Nett first, so I took this trophy, I can not describe it, nor can I express the words of that feeling, I would not write about the songs, I'm very happy, my dream came true," said the Dutch representative.

Photo of Scanpix / Duncan Laurence

Photo of Scanpix / Duncan Laurence

During the press conference, the artist received a word of thanks and support from a journalist from the LGBT online portal. He also thanked Duncan for the Dutch and Belgian names. The journalist praised the artist for not being afraid to talk about her sexual orientation (the artist admitted to being a bisexual publisher). According to him, Duncan is an example for many members of the European LGBT community. The journalist asked the artist to encourage them.

"I think the most important thing is who you are, do not be afraid of yourself, do what you know best. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Accept everyone, no matter what they love and love, love each other, "Eurovision 2019 thanked the LGBT community for their support.

Photo of Scanpix / AP / Dutch Duncan Laurence Eurovision winner

Photo of Scanpix / AP / Dutch Duncan Laurence Eurovision winner

When asked by the journalist if he believed in his victory, Duncan was open – he did not think about the victory: "I did not dare to win or about this trophy. This is Eurovision, anything can happen in it, this time the predictions have become reality, but I still think it's just a prediction.Most important is what we did with the team.This would not have happened without our work.

The artist revealed that I was very concerned about the last rehearsal. It was under pressure from the bidders' forecasts and the exaggerated pressure of the people around. Finally, the creative team members helped calm down – they only thought of music.

The singer also suffered a lot with a long voice announcement. Duncan jokingly said he would be careful not to have to wait for the final results in the Netherlands for so long.

Laurence, wondering how he managed to so quickly become an unknown Dutch artist to become a Eurovision winner, remained laconic.

"A year ago I was an unknown composer who sat on the couch and made music. There is no specific answer. You just have to try, find strength and grow constantly, do not be afraid to change, play music and go up in the race, "Duncan said of his success.

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