Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro Wireless Headset: A Cheaper Alternative to AirPods?


The day Apple introduced its first (and yet the only) wireless AirPods headset divided the world population in two ways: those who use traditional wired headsets and those who came to experience the convenience of wireless headsets. Many headphone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, have joined the battle. Headset experts Varle.lt have reviewed the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro product.

Full set

In fact, we see in the packaging that the actual headset name looks like the Mi True Wireless Earphones, but the name of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is more popular on the Internet. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro headset is sold in a small, white, blue box. The set is standard enough. In the box without the Xiaomi AirDots headset, we found 3 pairs of silicone headphones, a charging cradle, a USB-USB-C cable and instructions.


The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is made of white plastic. A headset weighs just 5.8 g. The load tray weighs 58 g and is very compact. You may immediately notice that these headphones are very similar to the Apple AirPods model. The back of the headset has a silver surface, the touch part.

The quality of the headset and charger is very good with no sharp corners. On both sides of the headset are touch control buttons, which, despite their size, are comfortable enough. In addition to the channel silicone case, each headset has an infrared optical sensor that detects if the headset is in the ear. When the headphones are removed from the ears, the music pauses, but after putting them back in the ears, it continues to play. This is really a convenient solution.

There is an additional microphone on each side of the headset for an active noise suppression system. The microphone is located on the bottom of the case of each headset. There is also a contact base for loading in the tray.

Headphones have silicone tips that hold the ears in your ears. A special white plastic case is provided for charging and storing the headset. It has a USB-C slot to charge at the bottom. It allows you to charge not only the headphones, but also the internal battery.

Built-in microphone

The headset has a microphone that works great when connected to the phone. With voice recorder and normal tone, the sound recording results are high quality for such a small device. However, when you connect the headset to your computer and test the microphone quality, you may notice that the quality of the sound recording is much worse. Of course, Mi AirDots Pro is not intended for use with computers.

Sound quality and convenience

The headset has A2DP Bluetooth V4.2 and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Xiaomi AirDots Pro fits easily and conveniently into the auditory channels and stays in place. You really do not need to be afraid that when you head out, your headphones will fall off. In general, the sound on the headphones sounds great. Sound is balanced with a sufficient number of high and medium frequencies. It is also good with low tones as much as necessary. It should be noted that the Xiaomi AirDots Pro supports stereo sound and is equipped with intelligent noise suppression. Made from a composite material membrane, sound distortion virtually does not feel even at maximum volume settings.

Full headphone management is implemented by touching the touchpad. Double-tap any headset during an incoming call – allows you to answer and during a call – help the handset. Double ring on the left earpiece – invokes the voice assistant and right hand – turns the music on or off. If we only have one headset, double tapping is just for music control. When you have two earphones in your ears, you can turn on noise suppression mode while listening to music in noisy environments with three fingers on the touch panel. According to Varle.lt headset experts, the biggest drawback of the Xiaomi AirDots Pro is that there is no volume control or change of music track.

Waiting time

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro's stand-alone operating time corresponds to the one specified by the manufacturer. With medium volume settings, a 40mAh battery is sufficient for about 2-3 hours of music listening. Both cases make the headset fully charged in less than 1 hour.

The battery capacity of the tray is 350 mAh and its total charge is 0 to 100%. takes about an hour. A fully charged tray can charge the headset 2.5 times, which means approximately 7.5 hours of unattended operation. Tests showed that 10 min. It gives them another 70 minutes of "life" in the loading cradle. Therefore, the results of loading speed and independent operation are most welcome here.


At the time of the review, headphones cost € 119, about € 60 less than the Apple product. It can be said that Xiaomi offered a relatively inexpensive stylish headset that actually works wirelessly. Exceptionally good results leave the headset charged in a special case. Summarizing the review, Varle.lt experts say that the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro has a number of serious circuses: they are relatively inexpensive, and no worse than competitors' independent times, they have an active noise suppression system. Well, the shortcomings of the future can be compensated for by updating the headset software.


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