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Wolves parked Man Eleven City

In the English Premier League, three more Round 8 games were played at 4 pm on Sunday.

The big surprise came at Etihad Stadium, where two-time national champion Manchester City hosted Wolves this season. The latter fired when Man City expected the minimum, with two "wolves" unexpectedly knocking the hosts 2-0 down.

The Liverpool team, which had eight wins in so many wins, gained an eight-point lead following the failure of Man City.

Pepo Guardiola's students dominated the ball, but they did not pose a real threat to Rui Patricio's goal throughout the match.

In the 80th minute, the hosts, still trying to score a goal, were knocked over by Adamas Traore – Raul Jimenez kicked in, "beat" Nicol Otamendi and gave A. Traore a pass, which only had to send the ball to Ederson.

Man City was hit hard by the final attack, but a second was added in the extra time – another Wolves counterattack ended A. Traore's goal.

For a 16-point Man City team, this was their second failure this season. For their part, the Wolves team achieved only a second victory in the championship.

In other matches Chelsea's London side had a great performance in the tournament, which defeated Southampton after a 4-1 win.

Chelsea were led by Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, NK Goal Kante and Mitchy Batshuayi to victory.

A difficult but crucial victory was also recorded for the London Arsenal team. David Luiz's first goal at the club led to victory over Bournemouth.

Arsenal climbed to third place after victory, Chelsea to fifth.


Man city 0-2 "Wolves"
80 & # 39; [0 – 1] A. Traore
90 + 4 & # 39; [0 – 2] A. Traore

Southampton 1-4 Chelsea
17 & # 39; [0 – 1] T. Abraham
24 & # 39; [0 – 2] M mount
30 & # 39; [1 – 2] D. Ings
40 # [1 – 3] N. Kant
89 & # 39; [1 – 4] M. Batshuayi

Armory 1-0 Bournemouth
9 & # 39; [1 – 0] D. Luiz

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